Are you considering investing in a hot tub for your home? Amidst the excitement, you might encounter various myths that could cloud your decision-making process. From concerns about water cleanliness to worries about maintenance, it’s essential to separate fact from fiction.

At Everything H2O in Rocky Mountain House and Sylvan Lake, we understand the importance of clarity regarding hot tub ownership. That’s why we’re here to debunk some of the most common myths surrounding hot tubs and provide insights into proper maintenance, including using Hydropool brand hot tubs and water care products such as Mineraluxe by Backyard Brands.

MYTH #1: More jets equal a better massage.

It’s a common misconception that the more jets a hot tub has, the better the massage experience will be. However, the reality is that the effectiveness of a massage depends on factors such as jet placement, pump power, and the type of jets available.

Hydropool hot tubs are designed with precision-engineered jets strategically placed to target specific muscle groups, providing a therapeutic massage experience. Additionally, our advanced pump technology ensures optimal water pressure for a revitalizing soak every time.

MYTH #2: Hot tubs are unsanitary.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic hot tub is essential for your health and enjoyment. With the right water care products and a consistent maintenance routine, hot tubs can be a safe and inviting oasis.

Everything H2O’s line of water care products, including Mineraluxe by Backyard Brands, is specifically formulated to keep your hot tub water crystal clear and free from harmful bacteria. Combined with antimicrobial filters and advanced oxidation systems, our products provide maximum sanitization for peace of mind.

MYTH #3: Constantly getting in and out of the hot tub tracks in dirt and debris that builds up on the shell over time.

While it’s true you’ll occasionally bring dirt and debris into your spa when you step into its welcoming depths, that’s not going to build up on your shell.

In fact, unlike many bathtubs, Hydropool Hot Tub’s shell is impervious to bacteria and footprint stains, meaning it’s easy to keep clean, in fact Hydropool has an entire line of self-cleaning hot tubs. The advanced technology of the Hydropool Self-Cleaning system makes this the easiest hot tub in the world to maintain. Hydropool hot tubs are equipped with a built-in floor vacuum that automatically cleans the bottom of the tub while the surface debris is also being removed. Removing debris from the surface and bottom makes 100% of the water clean in only 15 minutes.

In addition, your hot tub filters are designed to remove any contaminants that enter the water, so there’s no need to worry about dirt and debris building up.

MYTH #4: The lengthy process of heating the water means it won’t be ready when I want it to be.

Throughout the day, your water circulates through your system, passing through your heating system to be warmed by the element inside.

With the right settings configured, your hot tub stays heated economically, keeping it at your ideal temperature 24/7.

Not only does this keep operating costs to a minimum by maintaining the temperature at all times, but it also ensures your hot tub is ready to go whenever you’re ready to take a dip.

Furthermore, your hot tub cover also plays a role in this!

With its thick insulation and snug fit, your cover locks in heat to easily maintain the temperature of your water while maximizing your spa’s energy efficiency.

MYTH #5: I won’t use my hot tub enough to get my money’s worth when it comes to monthly maintenance and energy costs.

As a new owner, you’ll quickly see what most of our owners already know–your hot tub becomes part of your family’s daily routine!

Not only does it provide valuable relaxation time, but it also boasts a long list of health benefits after indulging in a session for just 10 minutes a day.

And monthly energy costs are less than you think – as low as $14/month on some models!

MYTH #6: Hot tubs are impractical during winter months.

Contrary to popular belief, hot tubs are perfect for year-round enjoyment, even in cold climates. With advanced insulation features and durable covers, Hydropool hot tubs are designed to retain heat and withstand harsh winter conditions.

Our commitment to energy efficiency and ease of maintenance ensures that owning a hot tub is a hassle-free experience, regardless of the season. With just a few minutes of weekly maintenance, you can keep your hot tub running smoothly and ready for relaxation whenever you desire.

In conclusion, hot tub ownership is a rewarding experience that offers numerous health benefits and relaxation opportunities. By debunking common myths and investing in quality products like Hydropool hot tubs and Mineraluxe water care available at Everything H2O, you can enjoy the ultimate spa experience without the stress. Say goodbye to misconceptions and hello to pure relaxation with Everything H2O!