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About Poly B

If your home, business, or development was built between the late 1970s and mid-1990s (or built much earlier with potential repairs during that time span) you likely have Poly B piping. Once promoted as the cheap and easy piping for affordable housing and plumbing solutions, this type of plumbing has cost millions of dollars in repairs and resulted in irreplaceable losses. Our team of plumbing professionals can assess your home or business for any potential issue, replace defective piping, and install an upgraded water heater (tank or tankless) all in a timely manner with little disruption to your daily life.

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What is Poly B?

Polybutylene (Poly B) was a popular piping material throughout the ’70s and ’80s and into the ’90s. It became popular due to its low cost, relative to copper, and its ability to bend. Interior polybutylene piping Is typically grey or white in color, while exterior piping is grey or black (all Poly B piping will have blue lettering listing the specifications of the pipe).

In the early 1980s reports began to come in of leaks and pipe failures. By 1994 Poly B use was banned in the US and Canada. As of 2005 Poly B piping is no longer up to code under the NRC-CNRC National Plumbing Code. The estimated lifespan for Poly B piping is 10-15 years from installation, making any current plumbing well past expiry. So even if it hasn’t failed yet, the risk of catastrophic failure increases by the minute.

For this reason, a Poly-B assessment should be conducted on any property when considering a purchase. Additionally, Strata Councils and insurance companies have begun declining insurance coverage or raising deductibles for homes with Poly-B piping. In commercial buildings or rental homes, Poly B piping can even be a viable reason for a tenant to break a lease, or sue an owner for damages resulting from failure to replace the plumbing.


The high cost of cheap pipes

So, what could go wrong? Polybutylene piping has been shown to fail due to chlorination in water supplies, heat, and age. While this can be a catastrophic failure resulting in flooding and widespread damage, it can also be more subtle. Poly B plumbing can often develop small cracks or begin leaking slowly at joints. Leaks like these can go undetected for years, causing mold, wood damage, and extensive repairs. Any leaks in your home or business pose a health hazard, as well as a safety hazard. For these reasons, complete replacement of Poly-B plumbing is the industry standard.

water damage from poly b pipe failure

Do you need Poly B replacement?

If you are unsure of whether your home or business may have polybutylene pipes, Everything H2O’s expert plumbers will do a free assessment. If your property is found to have Poly B piping, our team can give you a quote for full replacement, as well as recommendations for the health and longevity of your plumbing.

We will replace the old plumbing with new PEX piping (or copper if you would prefer), ensure that everything is up to code, and even replace your water heater or fixtures if needed.


Replacement costs

The cost of replacing polybutylene plumbing in your home or business can vary greatly. Some buildings have Poly B in only a few places, while others have extensive polybutylene piping throughout. Repair costs also vary based on the difficulty or the replacement, such as needing to remove bathroom fixtures for replacement. In addition, you may discover that your pipes have already been leaking and you have some damages to repair in the process. We can help with this too!

Overall, the cost of not replacing polybutylene pipes is much higher. You could have a catastrophic failure resulting in the complete loss of your home and valuable belongings, you could have costly repairs such as removing and replacing flooring and sheetrock, and you could also have health hazards resulting from mold growth. You could find that your insurance will not cover any of these costs, as many insurance companies have clauses related to Poly B plumbing. If you are a landlord, you could find yourself being sued by tenants who have lost personal property or suffered health issues due to failure to replace Poly B pipes. Finally, you could have leaks you don’t know about right now that are causing your water bill to be higher while slowly ruining your property, causing rot and mold growth.



Better safe than sorry!

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