30,000 Grain Iron Removing High Efficiency Water Softener

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Our High Efficiency Water Softener uses up to 80% less salt than early model water softeners!

  • Excellent removal of both clear water iron and manganese
  • Longer lasting, brighter colored clothing
  • Avoid scale build-up in appliances and plumbing
  • Reduce the cost of cleaning supplies and home care products
  • Extend the operating life of your dishwasher, clothes washer, water heater or boiler
  • Reduce the cost of electricity to run your water heater
  • Get cleaner, whiter clothes and sparkling clear dishes
  • Less salt down the drain means less salt in our ecosystem!

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Iron Removing High Efficiency Water Softener

30,000 Grain Capacity (1 – 3 person household)

Flow Monitoring & Time Clock Electronic Head

Water Softeners are an economical solution to your water softening needs. The dual function time clock water or flow monitoring softeners are set to regenerate on a set number of days which can be customized to each individual’s needs.  They also monitor the house hold usage and will reduce or extend the standard backwash cycle to match your households water consumption.  Go away on a holiday for a week?  The softener will hold it’s backwash cycle until your water consumption reaches at least 80% of its rated amount saving you both water and salt.  Over time this can reduce consumable consumption by up to 80%.


Our high efficiency water softeners only use the highest quality resin to give you the best return on your investment. With longer lasting resin, customers will not be forced to replace their water softeners after minimal usage. The blend used in this unit will maximize the removal of both IRON AND MANGANESE on top of softening the water.  Our water softeners are also able to be customized by their resin. A lot of municipalities are introducing ammonia into the city water. This chemical compound tends to breakdown standard resin into slush which ends up destroying the water softener. We give you the option to use chemical resistant resin for these specific scenarios!


  • Excellent removal of both clear water iron and manganese from your water
  • Time Clock Initiated: Can be set to regenerate based on the set number of days
  • Consumption Initiated: Can also extend or reduces the # of days based on water consumption maximizing the efficiency of the softener and ensuring your house always has perfect softened water.
  • Computerized control
  • Programmable regeneration cycles
  • Up to 80% saving on salt usage
  • Continual supply of conditioned water
  • 30,000 grain capacity of calcium removal
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tracking
  • “Non-Volatile” Memory:  If the power should ever go out, the settings in the control head are retained and do not require reprogramming
  • Large Ports for Maximum Water Delivery
  • 5 Button Operation and Programming

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