Blaze King Sirocco 30.2 Pedestal Base

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The Benefits of Owning a Blaze King

Bio Energy
By using renewable wood fuel in your clean burning Blaze King, you are reducing your output of fossil fuel emissions and your impact on the environment. Our stoves merely release the amount of CO2 that a tree would absorb over its lifespan. Blaze King stoves are amongst the cleanest and most efficient stoves available.
Radiant Heat and Convection Heat
The Sirocco, Chinook, and Ashford deliver the same amount of heat and have the same efficiencies. Each model delivers the same efficient warmth but does so in different ways. The Sirocco has a ¼” plate steel top for the firebox/stove, that is in direct contact with the room air. Soon after a fire is established, the surface of the stove heats up and quickly radiates the heat to the room. The Chinook is built with a second layer of steel surrounding the firebox. This layer helps channel the convection air over the firebox to the front of the stove. The air becomes super heated as it is in contact with the firebox for a longer period of time, thus removing more of the heat through the convection process. As the second layer is heated it will radiate its stored energy back into the room. The Ashford has a second layer of cast iron surrounding the firebox. The convection air is super heated as it is channeled over the firebox for a longer time. The cast iron layer takes time to heat up. After it is heated it is very efficient at retaining this heat and radiating it back into the room over an extended period of time.
Long Burn Times
The 30 size firebox is capable of burning for up to 30 hours when conditions allow. In the real world the most important thing is to get over-night heat. By pushing the boundaries of long burn times Blaze King is able to deliver that all important night’s sleep. The 30 firebox can deliver a heating time of 12 to 16 hours even in the coldest of climates.
The true efficiency for a wood stove is the number published by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its web site. When comparing efficiencies of different brands you should always compare the “Actual Measured Efficiency” (HHV) as listed on the EPA web site. This number is a true reading of
how your stove performs in the real world. Blaze King builds the 1st and 2nd most efficient stoves sold in North America as listed by the EPA. Follow the link to the EPA web site for confirmation
at: monitoring/caa/woodstoves/certifiedwood.pdf. All Blaze King stoves show efficiencies from the mid 70 percentile up to 81%, the highest certified efficiency of any wood stove.

Sirocco 30.2

The Sirocco series embodies the timeless styling of the North American wood stove. The Sirocco features an large viewing glass door with external door latch. You can customize your Sirocco 30 by choosing either the Pedestal, Cast Leg version, or add Satin Trim accents or a fan option.

50,000 BTU’s Cord Wood Max BTU

76% Efficiencies

30 Hours Burn Time on Low


  • Real World Tested Performance
  • Cord Wood Max BTU
    50,000 BTUs
  • Efficiency
    76% (As listed by EPA)
  • Constant Heat output on High
    35,980 BTU’s per hour for 10 hours
  • Constant Heat output on Low
    11,993 BTU’s per hour for up to 30 hours
  • Square Feet Heated
    1,100 – 2,400
  • Maximum Log Size
  • Recommended Log Length
  • Average Heating Time
    8 – 13 hours
  • Potential Burn Time on Low
    Up to 30 hours on low
  • Emissions (grams/hour)
    0.8 g/hr
  • Firebox Size
    2.9 cu.ft.
  • Flue Size
  • CO (g/mm)
    0.71 g/min


  • Width
    27 1/2” (750 mm)
  • Height (w/leg)
    33 7/8” (835 mm)
  • Height (w/ped)
    35 3/8″ (898 mm)
  • Depth
    29 1/2” (749 mm)
  • Weight (firebox only)
    415 lbs. / 188kg
  • Flue Diameter
    6″ / 152.4mm

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