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Purifying your water with a reverse osmosis system is an excellent way to remove dissolved inorganic solids salt, for instance. A reverse osmosis system works by passing water through a thin, semi-permeable membrane, filtering out impurities and sending them down the drain.

Why is RO Better?

Reverse osmosis is a popular water purifying method because it removes smaller particulates than do water filtration systems. With this type of system, your water can be up to 98% free of: Lead / Arsenic / Barium / Cadmium / Sulfate / Calcium / Fluoride / Nickel / Iron / Zinc / Selenium and more than 90% free of: Chloride / Manganese / Magnesium / Phosphate / Nitrate / Potassium / Sodium

The compact cabinet premium R.O. residential reverse osmosis drinking water system represents our state of the art technology in water treatment. The entire unit, including the RO water Storage tank is enclosed in the elegant cabinet making the installation compact and secure. With a daily capacity of 285 liters or 100 gallon per day, this system easily meets the needs of a bustling household. Simple to operate and maintain, each system is equipped with a high quality polished faucet (custom finishes are available from Everything H2O) A high quality booster pump is already included in this systems, great for hooking your fridge, ice maker etc with high quality pure water. PLUS this model features a built in Leak Stop interrupter, to protect your home from unintended leakage. Drinking water total dissolved solids (TDS) may be easily checked by a push button electronic monitor conveniently located on the front panel. The surrounding cabinets come in stunning Platinum Ice Trimming.

  • 100 GPD RO membrane
  • Leak stop flow interrupter
  • Push-on connections throughout
  • Rugged cabinet in Platinum Ice
  • Push-button electronic TDS monitor
  • Quality installation components
  • Compact Cabinet provide easy access for cartridge changes and maintenance!

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