Dazzle Stain & Scale 2 Maintain 750ml


The follow-on to Stain & Scale 1 in a systematic approach, Stain & Scale 2 provides ongoing maintenance protection against metal stains and scale formation when added weekly. Concentrated, ‘eco-friendly,’ phosphate-free formula.

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Prevents stains and scale at fresh fill
Dazzle Stain & Scale 2 is part two of a two-part system for preventing staining and scaling in your hot tub. Its unique formulation is designed to work with Dazzle Stain & scale 1 to provide the ultimate protection against staining and scale formation. Unlike most ordinary stain 7 scale products, Dazzle Stain & Scale 2 is biodegradable, 100% phosphate-free and will not break down in high chlorine and bromine conditions.


Quick Steps


  • Ongoing protection against risk of staining and scale formation – Insurance Policy.
  • Risk is due to;
    • pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids movement
    • effects of product additions
    • top-up water
    • natural erosion
  • Removes light metal stains and scale.
  • All-natural formulation – non-toxic, biodegradable.
  • Phosphate-free.
  • Will not breakdown prematurely;
    • Stable in presence of sanitizers, oxidizers
    • Allows other products to be added at same time in convenient program


  • Use weekly as part of regular maintenance program.
  • Anytime pH rises above 7.8
    • Essential above 8.2
  • Anytime scale or stains are noticed
  • Use liberally;
    • Will not consume sanitizers
    • Will not break down from sanitizers
    • All natural – no chemical footprint

The Dazzle 2 Step Stain & Scale prevention program:

  • Stain & Scale 1 on fresh fill (heavy lifter)
  • Stain & Scale 2 weekly thereafter for continuous protection (the toner)

The best stain & scale method available

How Much:

  • Apply 1 capful per 1,000 litres weekly.
  • 1 Capful = 25 ml.
  • Increase dosage in extreme situations
    • Up to 3 capfuls per 1,000 L.


  • Operate pump with air off.
  • Apply directly to water.
  • Circulate water for minimum 15 minutes.

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