Lumber Jack Hickory Blend BBQ Pellets


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All around the world, Hickory is easily the most popular wood for smoking. Compared to our 100% Hickory pellets, this blend of 60% Red Oak and 40% Hickory provides a good balance between smoke and heat, making it difficult to over smoke your food. Over-smoking food results in a bitter taste, however, that is not a concern with the Hickory blend. Lumber Jack Hickory Blend wood BBQ pellets are good for everyday grilling and long overnight smokes and are particularly great with beef, pork, seafood, poultry, and game birds.
60% Red Oak, 40% Hickory Ground before pelleting, every pellet contains the full recipe for a consistent flavour. Made from 100% Pure Oak and Hickory Tree wood chips, not residual sawdust. Consists of the bark and cambium layer of trees where the most flavour in a tree resides. Smaller diameter to create a hotter burn and more smoke with more surface area. No oils, sprays, fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. Just 100% All-Natural Wood!

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