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Croix Valley Memphis BBQ Dry Rub contains a complex flavor profile that has been expertly balanced to create a uniform flavor profile that pays tribute to the world famous Memphis style of BBQ. Memphis BBQ is best know for their dry ribs and our Memphis BBQ Dry Rub will not disappoint. Whether serving your BBQ dry or wet(with sauce) you’ll see why our Memphis Dry Rub is one of our Fan Favorites. Used by competition teams and backyard pitmasters around the United States, one bite will make you a believer too.Great with ribs, chicken, beef, pork and more, it doesn’t get any better than Memphis style and flare to taste what true “low and slow” smoked meats are all about.

2nd Place winner of the 2017 National Barbecue and Grilling Association’s Awards of Excellence for All Purpose Rub.

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