Motley Que Spicy Fixx BBQ Sauce


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When you can’t decide whether you want sweet or spicy, Spicy Fixx is just the ticket … have both! Spicy Fixx is a spin on Motley Que’s most popular sauce – Sticky Fixx. It’s Sticky Fixx with a little flair … a spicy flair!

Recommended use: Glaze your meat for the final 8-12 minutes of cook for that competition shine. (We don’t think any less of you though if you glob on tons!)

We recommend it on anything you want to add a little heat too!

Motley Que is a Canadian family based BBQ company that provides some of the best sauces and rubs on the market! All products are small batch produced meaning the utmost in quality.

Gluten Free

350ml Bottle

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