Only One Iron & Sulfur Filter

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Chemical-Free Iron & Sulphur Filter

Finally, get rid of iron stains and that “rotten egg smell” without using any chemicals! Our exclusive filter system boasts a simple yet highly-effective design that really works. It is environmentally friendly and safe for septic beds. You will get great-tasting water, bright clean clothes and sparkling plumbing fixtures and appliances without the ongoing expense and inconvenience of chemicals.

How Can the “Only One” Iron Filter Work Without Chemicals?

Our unique filtration system first injects air into the tank then into your water to oxidize the iron and sulphur. The fine oxidized particles are then filtered out as they pass through a tank of specially custom formulated media. Periodically, and automatically, the precipitates are rinsed out of the media by backwashing into your drain. Our systems increase the oxygen content for improved filtration. If you have a reverse osmosis drinking water system this will increase the life of the unit’s membrane


Inexpensive operation (no chemicals to buy)
Safe for septic fields
No pipe hammering or sputtering from faucets
Avoid iron and rust staining on bath fixtures and appliances
Reduce the cost of cleaning supplies
Extend the operating life of your dishwasher, clothes washer, water heaters, ice makers, humidifiers
Get cleaner, whiter clothes and sparkling, spot-free dishes
Have safer water for pets, and animals, gardens, houseplants, lawns, pools and hot tubs


Super quiet operation
Fully automatic, self-cleaning backwash
Includes air injection system
Up to 5 p.p.m. of iron
Up to 6 p.p.m. of sulphur
Up to 10 g.p.m. of water flow
Bypass valve
12 volt AC for safe operation
Small foot print with only one tank
5 Year Warranty
This size of “Only One” Iron filter will backwash about 85 US gallons in each back wash.

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