Salt Mizer – The Almost No Salt Water Softener

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Get amazing water softening results with up to 80% less salt use!!

Nearly 85% of North America is a hard water area. If you’ve noticed any of these signs when washing dishes, doing laundry, or showering, then you may have hard water.

  • Do your faucets have watermarks, even though you just cleaned them?
  • Is there excessive lime and chalk buildup on the walls of sinks and showers in your home?
  • Are your white clothes dingy or your colors fading unusually fast?
  • Does your water taste or smell wrong?
  • Does your skin and hair feel dry or itchy after a shower?
  • Do you have low water pressure?
  • Do your appliances break quicker than they should?
  • Do your dishes have watermarks and residue on them when they dry?

If you are experiencing any of these issues or concerns, a water softener may be right for you.


  • Family sized softener that will leave your skin silky soft, remove iron & extend the life of your major appliances, clothes & plumbing fixtures.
  • Removes iron & Manganese staining
  • Installation Available

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