Nestled in the heart of Alberta, Central Alberta boasts a tapestry of vibrant communities, each weaving its own unique story into the fabric of this picturesque region. From the tranquil shores of Sylvan Lake to the rugged terrain of Rocky Mountain House, every corner holds a treasure waiting to be discovered. That’s why three generations of the Keenan family, love serving these communities through their business Everything H2O. With Stores located in Rocky Mountain House and Sylvan Lake for Tom, Heather, and their family, living in Central Alberta isn’t just about business—it’s about embracing the essence of each location and the legacy they’ve built within them.

Rocky Mountain House: In the shadow of the majestic Rockies, Rocky Mountain House stands as a testament to resilience and adventure. For the owners of Everything H2O, this town represents more than just a place of business; it’s a gateway to the great outdoors. With its proximity to David Thompson Country and the historic Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site, residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor activities. From exploring ancient indigenous history to hiking through pristine wilderness, Rocky Mountain House offers a sense of connection to both the land and the past.

Sylvan Lake: As the shimmering jewel of Central Alberta, Sylvan Lake beckons with its pristine waters and bustling shoreline. For the owners of Everything H2O, this lakeside community holds a special place in their hearts. With its vibrant atmosphere and endless recreational opportunities, Sylvan Lake is a playground for residents and visitors alike. From sailing and paddleboarding to beach volleyball and lakeside picnics, there’s never a shortage of things to do in this lively town. And with events like the Sylvan Lake Winterfest and Shake the Lake Music Festival, there’s always something to celebrate year-round.

Lacombe: Nestled amidst rolling farmland and historic architecture, Lacombe is a town steeped in charm and character. For the owners of Everything H2O, Lacombe represents a blend of tradition and modernity that makes it truly unique. From its iconic Flatiron Building to its bustling farmers’ market, this picturesque town offers a glimpse into Alberta’s rich agricultural heritage. And with its vibrant arts scene and diverse culinary offerings, Lacombe is a place where creativity thrives and community flourishes.

Blackfalds: With its small-town charm and modern amenities, Blackfalds is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. For the owners of Everything H2O, this burgeoning community represents opportunity and growth. With its close-knit neighborhoods and family-friendly atmosphere, Blackfalds offers residents a sense of belonging that is truly special. And with its proximity to both Red Deer and Sylvan Lake, residents enjoy the best of both worlds—the tranquility of small-town living with easy access to urban conveniences.

Nordegg: Tucked away amidst towering peaks and pristine wilderness, Nordegg is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. For the owners of Everything H2O, this remote hamlet represents a sense of adventure and exploration that is unrivaled. From hiking through ancient forests to fishing in crystal-clear streams, Nordegg offers residents a chance to connect with the natural world in a way that is truly transformative. And with its rich history and rugged beauty, Nordegg is a place where memories are made and adventures are waiting to be had.

In conclusion, Central Alberta is more than just a region—it’s a way of life. From the bustling streets of Lacombe to the tranquil shores of Sylvan Lake, each community offers its own unique charm and opportunities for residents to embrace. For the owners of Everything H2O, Central Alberta isn’t just a place to live—it’s a place to call home, where the legacy of three generations continues to thrive. So why not come and experience the magic for yourself? After all, in Central Alberta, the possibilities are as endless as the horizon.